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The Stars in the Sky
       by "Dee"

Chapter One

Jesse stood on the road in front of the huge mansion. They had to help them, he didn't know where else to go.

[Come on] He said to the tiny blond woman at his side. She nodded slightly and followed him.

He walked up to the gate and stared, [Should we just go in?]

[I know not Jesse. What ever you think, but they might have an alarm system.] Her 'thought speak' was quiet and soft and it often time's had calmed him when he was angry.

[Good point. So what do we do?]

Katherine shrugged.

From the long driveway came the distant sound of a car. The gate opened in front of them and a small compact man behind the wheel of a jeep. The car stopped and the man jumped out in front of them.

"You better explain yourself bub." He growled harshly. Stepping in front of him.

Jesse would have laughed at the small man of whom was only half his size if he didn't know better, "My name's Jesse. This is Katherine. We need your help."

The man's eye's flicked from him to Katherine and back and his eyebrows rose slightly, "What for?" He growled softly.

"It's a long story, I need to speak with Charles Xavier, it's important."

Wolverine frowned, [Jeanie?] He asked the telepath, whom told him of their presence and asked him to check it out.

[I'm not sure, he's got a strong shield around his mind as does she, the strange thing is, she doesn't appear to have the ability to make a shield, it's his.]

[Then what's it doin' in her mind? Sounds to me like they've got somthin' ta hide. I don't trust em Jeanie.]

[Logan, his sheild was a natural defense to my probing his mind, I don't know why it went to hers to. Bring them to the mansion Logan, but be careful.]

Jesse stared at the man curiously.

"Come on, get it, I'll take ya to Chuck."

Jesse followed Wolverine into his jeep with Katherine at his side, "Don't try anything funny," Three long, deadly claws sprouted from his left hand, "I got three more where that come from and it wouldn't bother me ta cut ya up and throw ya out." Jesse's eyebrow's rose and he nodded, Katherine sat immobile from the back seemingly unaffected.

Wolverine glanced at her from the rearview mirror, gutsy little thing, He thought, Pretty too.

When they got to the big house they followed Wolverine through the door and to a large room where a beautiful young red head sat next to a tall man with thick brown hair and red sunglasses.

"This is Jean and Scott, by the way, I'm Logan." Jesse shook his hand, while Katherine stared past him. Logan's looked at her curiously, but she then glanced sharply at Jesse, and shook Wolverine's hand.

"I'm Jesse Michael's, this is Katherine Miller. We need to speak to the Professor."

Jean smiled, "Pleasure to meet you Mr. Michaels. What do you need to speak with him about?"

Jesse glanced at Katherine who began to shake her head. Jesse's eyebrows rose and she shook her head violently, [No Jesse!] Her soft plea rang through his head, [Sorry Katie, but I don't want you to hear this.]

[Jesse! Don't leave me in the dark please.] Tear's began to gather in her soft violet eyes.

"Is everything okay?" Jean asked curiously.

Jesse looked at her, "Yeah, sorry, it's a conflict of interest," He said softly, "Give me a minute, you see, Katherine can't hear or see, only through my telepathic link can she see, and a distorted amount of sound, kind of like everyone is talking quietly. When I tell you this I don't want her to have to go through it again so I'm going to break link with her, Katherine hates that. That's why I'd prefer to only have to explain it once."

Jean looked sympathetically at the young girl, "That's fine."

Katherine continued to shake her head and then suddenly all movement stopped. Her hands out as if she was steadying herself and her blank violet eyes squeezed shut.

Jesse sighed softly and began, "Katherine and I grew up in an orphanage. While I was able to hide my mutant abilities, Katherine wasn't. When she developed her powers she lifted everyone in building 3 or 4 feet in the air and dropped them. Needless to say they weren't very happy about that and out of fear locked her up in the basement away from the other students. Katherine kept herself busy and from going insane by expanding and learning how to control her powers. Using her empathy she was able to tell the exact location of everyone in the building. Being a mutant myself I felt sorry for her and took her away from the orphanage when she turned 16. We lived on the streets stealing what we could and sleeping in allies, one night I went to find food, Katherine was tired and it was raining, she didn't feel like coming so I left her there. I thought she was safe." Jesse's voice cracked a bit and he calmed himself. Katherine was wondering around the room idly running her fingers along side the walls, then she'd stop, concentrate and smile. When Jesse came to this part in his story, Katherine paused and tears began to form in her eyes. She walked over to Jesse and put her arms around him. As was her nature, when someone else was sad, Katherine felt it as well, only stronger, her instant thought was always to comfort the person who was sad, "Anyway," Jesse continued, "When I got there this man was ... on top of her and she was screaming. She couldn't hear her own wails and her voice didn't even sound human ... but she was crying for me and ..." Jesse had to keep pausing to gain control of himself. Katherine was becoming increasingly worried by the emotions he was emitting, it was hard for him to block her out because of the bond they had, "I killed him. I grabbed him off of her and I killed him, I completely blew his mind and then I killed him with my bare hands. Katherine was so small, so helpless, she just sat there crying. I picked her up and ran. If anyone found out what I had done I'd be thrown in jail, and god only knows what would happen to Katherine. Well, it turns out that the man I killed was a member of the F.O.H. They had been watching us for a while and a young member decided to take it upon himself to 'strike down the evil.' Well, it turns out that the young man was the son of one of the more important members of the F.O.H. They've been hunting us for about four years now. We've been able to out run them, but then, a couple of months ago they stole ... they stole Katherine's baby." Jesse looked down at Katherine who was standing at his side and sighed, "Will you help us?"

Jean looked at Scott and then at Wolverine. Wolverine's hands were clenched and he nodded imperceptibly at Jean, Jean shared the nod and looked to Scott.

"Well, I'm sure we can, but we'll have to take it up with the professor and the rest of the team first. Wolverine, why don't you show them to one of the guest rooms." Logan nodded and Jean and Scott rose and left the room to talk to the professor.

Jesse concentrated and Katherine got her sight back and dim hearing. She smiled softly up at him.

"Follow me." Wolverine said gruffly, looking at the girl in a new light. She'd been through a lot for someone at such a young age. It was curious she was not a sobbing mess by now. Or suicidal.

Jesse walked behind Wolverine as they went through the long hallway on their way to one of the many guest rooms in the Xmen mansion. Katherine walked behind them, idly staring at the pictures on the walls, but seemed more interested in Wolverine. Much to his annoyance she stared ceaselessly at the back of his legs, his shoulders, back, as if downloading it and putting it to memory, it was very disconcerting.

When they reached the room Wolverine turned to Jesse and put a hand on his shoulder, "If the Xmen don't agree to this for some odd reason, I'll help you." He said softly.

Jesse smiled, "Thanks. I appreciate it."

Wolverine nodded and then glanced at Katherine who was staring at his hands and arms in the oddest way, "Does she have to do that?"

"What?" Jesse asked, eyebrows raised.

Katherine continued to stare, "That."

Jesse smiled, "I think your bugging him Little Kat." He said softly to her.

As if snapped out of a trance Katherine looked at him quickly and blushed, "Sorry." She said in her soft, soft voice. Katherine couldn't hear well, mostly not at all, while her sight was beyond perfect thanks to Jesse, her hearing was dimmer and she disliked talking out loud, not knowing if she sounded right, "But the way you walk and move is so graceful ... like a cat ... I didn't mean to bother you."

Wolverine's eyebrows rose, amused. He smiled and then turned around, "Talk to you later. You guys should probably rest." He turned and walked down the hallway, extremely aware of the small woman's perusal of his form. Curiously it didn't bother him anymore.

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