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Wolverine and Jean in Ancient Japan
        By Abraham Chester

BeepBeepBeepBeepBeepBeepBee ... SNIKT ... bzzzitizz. "God I hate it when that happens," muttered Wolverine. He got out of bed and dressed into his standard training suit and went downstairs to get breakfast. When he reached the bottom he was knocked over by Beast who was running down the hall towards the war room.

"Hey Hank, what's the rush?" asked Wolverine.

"There is a briefing today and I am late!" His answer faded as he ran down the hall.

"I forgot all about that" said Wolverine. Wolverine took off after him at full speed, just reaching the room before the briefing started.

"Almost late huh Logan?" asked Bobby Drake (Iceman).

"Shut up Popsicle" Wolverine growled.

"No time for arguments right now, we detected a new mutant in the Japan," said Cyclops.

"How powerful is dis mutant anyway?" said Gambit.

"Very," said Cyclops.

"Who is on the mission?" asked Beast.

"Iwas just getting to that if you would all sit down and shut up so I can finish!" yelled Cyclops. "The mutant has very strong metal powers, and he can drain other peoples energy. For this mission I am sending two X-Men: Wolverine and Jean. Wolverine's tracking capabilities will be necessary; also he can speak Japanese. Jean will be able to fight this new mutant with metal powers if needed," said Cyclops.

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