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Legacy of The Gods
        By Lauren Pasch (Ch. 1), Nicholas Ahlhelm (Ch. 2 and 3)
(Originally named Legacy of Olympus by Lauren Pasch)

Chapter 1

Tatami mats, smelling like the color green. Rain against the roof, an' cold, even though I'm inside. Then I look down at my hands, and they're covered with cold water, and Mariko's there, like I saw her right before she died on my claws, only her blood's cold, clear glacier water, but she's still dyin', and she looks up at me, and one o' her glacier tears slips down her face. I try to tell her somethin', but the words aren't comin', and she turns to water in my arms. For a thought, she looks like an ice statue, and then she loses form, and soaks through my sleeve, and splashes all over the tatami mats. Rain passes through the roof like it's a holo, and pounds me into the puddle she left on the floor. The drops fall harder and harder-

"Wake up!...Logan?..."

It's Jean.

I'm sittin' at the base o' a glassy, wet, walnut tree, an' I'm soaked. She's bendin' over me with a real worried look.

"Can I help somehow?" she says, with a look that says 'I can hear ya hurtin'

I bite back my first response, and say, "Only by wakin' me up." though that ain't lyin' either.

She smiles, and pulls a damp lock o' hair out of her face. "There's been an alert. Hank got a call from Gusippe Dilano, a friend of his who lives near Mt. Etna" she paused, and we started for the mansion.

"An' we're the cavalry?"

"Yup. it seems there's a new mutant, who calls himself 'Hephaetus' on an ego trip, and destroying most of a village doing it." She sighed.

"I'll suit up an' meet you at the Blackbird."

"Right. Everyone but Hank, Bobby, and us are already on route." And she was gone in a flip of red hair.

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