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She had decided to move to New York after her father's death. She had spent many years taking care of her crazy old man; she needed a drastic change. New York was certainly that...from the quiet mountainside cabin to loud dirty streets. She couldn't say she was happy -- there wasn't much in her life that had made her happy. Not since childhood, anyway. The streets helped her forget...they let her get lost among the unknown faces. At least for a while she didn't feel the deep loneliness that was in her heart.

Now everything had changed again.

On the mountain she'd only had one small radio to be her window to the outside world. She knew mutants were feared, she knew the government was trying to find solutions; she didn't know it was really bad till a few days after she arrived in New York. Sentinels had showed up everywhere. She thought the city had gone mad. Then there was that thing, that being they had called Onslaught. She had thought the end of the world had come.

She had tried to make her way to help fight but when she arrived it was finished. She had stayed in the shadows, watching the fighters collect themselves and move on. She had left to help where she could, never staying long in one place; it wasn't real safe, everything was chaos. Those were only the events that led up to the drastic change her life had recently undertaken, however. She had been walking by a burning building. Some crazy man was running in to save a child. Something had made her stop and watch. He had come out of the inferno with the child, a burnt devastated man, but he was healing right before her eyes. She moved closer to him, wanting to get a better look. At first all she could smell was the sicking scent of burnt and healing flesh, but behind it was something familiar. Like a ghost from her past that she couldn't quite place...

She had ran home as fast as her legs could carry her. She spent the night awake in the dark, her mind still trying to make sense of it all. Her only thoughts were... 'Impossible, no it just can't be...he's dead...or is he?'

A long time ago...another lifetime even, she had lived a peaceful happy life. A loving family and a twin brother, a soul-mate, who could share every emotion every thought and dream. Then everything had turned dark. Her mother dead, her brother gone and her father slowly going crazy. She had been a young woman, her mutant powers had just begun to really surface. They had shown up later then her brother's, but they were quite similar. No damage done to her body really harmed her, for she healed almost instantly. Her eyes had slowly changed, becoming a deep, vibrant green; then her pupils had changed, becoming those of a cat. She could hear everything, see in almost complete darkness, and move fast without making a sound. Even her sense of smell had become more acute: she could tell who and what had been in a room days after they had left. This had scared her mother, but her father had been fascinated.

Her father had been a great doctor before some scandal had caused him to quit his practice. He'd studied her and her brother, making notes and testing their abilities. She had loved those days, going deep in the woods with her brother, tracking deer and rabbits and the like. Sometimes they would take a gun or bow and arrow, which she had a strong talent for, but they hardly used them. Life had been thrilling, one adventure after another. Two twins hardly spending a moment apart, roaming together in the Canadian wilderness. Then everything had changed.

Her father had started ranting to his friends about his talented son and daughter. He started showing former colleges his notes, believing he might be able to practice again. How wrong he had been, how tragically wrong. Strange men had started coming to her father's meetings, men that she and her brother didn't like. They spoke of them like test animals. They looked at her coldly, asking more and more questions about her brother. Was he stronger then her? Was he faster and more fierce in his abilities? How fast did he heal? She didn't trust them, and they smelled funny. They smelled like death and pain and cruelty...if they had a scent.

One day she and her father had gone into town. Her father had bought her contact lenses, at her request, to hide her cat's eyes. When they'd returned home the cabin had been burnt to the ground. Her mother's body was there among the ashes, but her brother was nowhere to be found. She had found the scent of the strange men there, small traces of her brother's blood. They had left by helicopter -- she could still smell the fuel on the ground. She had no way to track them and no way to save her brother.

Her father had gone crazy after that. He would curse himself for killing them. He would lie sobbing at her feet for forgiveness, pleading with her not to leave him alone. She had left, vowing to search for her brother till she died. She had searched one end of the country to the other, and it was during her travels she discovered one more mutant ability. She had been running through the mountains in B.C., her heart pounding, her eyes reaching through the darkness. Her feet flew over the rocky landscape and she had felt a change. Her body started to tingle and seemed to pull around her, stretching and shrinking at the same time. She ran faster still, her heart beating faster and faster. Her body started to go numb and then completely changed. She screamed out into the wind, her voice echoing through the trees and then...she roared. In only a flash of a moment, one second she was running on two feet, the next she was on four. She was leaping up on the rocks, pouncing across them. She stopped and gazed down at her reflection in a moon-lit lake and there in the water stood a sleek, black, panther-like feline. Her green eyes seemed to shine with a fierce understanding: this had been her destiny all along. To completely become the animal, the powerful cat that nothing and no one could stop. She had roared then, letting the voice of the cat send a challenge to the world. She would find her brother...and at no cost.

Her search had soon ended after that night however. She had heard of a secret government complex and had gone to check it out. She had found her brother's scent but the place was in ruins. When she questioned about it she was told everyone had died in an explosion. One of the test subjects had gone mad and killed them all.

With her brother presumed dead she had gone back in a fury to confront her father. The crazy decrepit old man didn't even know her. So she had stayed with him until he died, believing, if her brother was even alive he would come back to her.

Now here she was in New York, years later, and catching the same scent she had smelled at the destroyed complex. Sitting alone and wondering why, why didn't he search for her. Why didn't he come and find her. The more she thought, the more angry she felt until a complete fury took over her. She would search the entire city, the entire state to find him and get the answers he owed her, if her anger didn't kill him first...

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