Wolverine's Animal Senses
Brought to you by Alex Reyes.

Wolverine's keen animal senses
SightAble to see very far and in very dim places. Range of sight is greater than a felines' but less than an eagle.
HearingAble to hear very low decibel sounds over very long distances.
SmellAble to detect and be aware of life forms or objects in a 38' foot radius without the aid of wind. The radius increases on the speed and density of wind movement; also able to smell different spectrums of scents.
TasteVery hightened taste buds & glands; able to detect contents of chemicals placed in his mouth.
TouchVery heightened tactile sensitivity.
Vestibular SenseBody's ability (Animals) to balance itself; controlled by the body's inner ear. As a result, gives Wolverine high reflex ability. Some of it might be nulified by the placement of adamantium bones.
Kinesthetic SenseBody's ability to feel motion through receptors found in muscles, tendons, and joints. Also gives him high reflex but this is completely nullified by the adamantium bones.


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